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Job Available: Writer for China Uncensored

Deadline to Apply is February 15, 2024


Job Description:

We are looking for a part time writer for China Uncensored.


Your job would be to follow China news closely—including what’s happening inside China, as well as China’s impact around the world. You would pitch story ideas, and for approved stories you would research and write scripts, as well as find visuals that would go on screen. (There are separate video editors, as well as joke writers).


You would be responsible for writing 1-3 scripts per week, each one requiring approximately one full day of work. You can do this job from home.


You will need to:

• Understand what our audiences want and need from our shows, and deliver it

• Write 1-3 episodes per week (scripts should be 8-10 pages)

• Put your own creative ideas into the show

• Add in sponsorship text when required



• Have 3+ years experience as a journalist for television or digital video

• Value accuracy and journalistic integrity

• Have a solid understanding of China

• Be positive and hopeful about our shows and the world

• Be willing to treat the news in an even-handed, objective way without being colored by your own political views. We aim to be nonpartisan.

• Understand YouTube’s algorithms and how to maximize audience reach

• Have US citizenship or legal US work status


IMPORTANT: We will only interview applicants who have journalism experience. Please only apply if you can show samples of your previous journalistic work.



• Negotiable - we can discuss during the interview


How to Apply

• Email your cover letter and resume to

• Use email subject line “Writer Job Application”


About Us:

China Uncensored is our flagship show, started in 2012 by host Chris Chappell. It is a news entertainment show (think “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”) with 10-minute videos that help viewers understand and get interested in China. Target audience is college educated English-speaking Americans aged 18-35. China Uncensored now has 1.9M YouTube subscribers.


You will join our small, scrappy team that’s flexible, independent, irreverent towards authority, and not funded by any large corporation, TV network, or major donor. We don’t have tons of money, but we can say what we want.


China Uncensored is owned and produced by America Uncovered LLC, a company registered in New York.

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