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It’s the Information Age! Except in China—it’s the Misinformation Age. The Chinese Communist Party controls the “China message” through direct censorship, incentives for self-censorship, and outright propaganda. And if none of those work, they’ll arrest you or kick you out of China.

As a result, domestic and foreign journalists alike struggle to report on and get published certain stories about China—especially those that are critical of the CCP, or that highlight the CCP’s oppressive treatment of its people.

Host Chris Chappell, Producer Matt Gnaizda, and Humor Ninja Shelley Zhang are all former China journalists who seek to cover topics in a way that is both accurate in detail and correct in the larger context. In 2012, they decided to turn to comedy to make China news more engaging for people around the world. Thus, China Uncensored was born.

With as much a focus on solid research as satirical humor, the China Uncensored team does their best to show compassion for the people who endure the CCP’s oppression, tolerate different opinions, and respect traditional Chinese culture.

China Uncensored is available to watch on this website and on YouTube.

China Uncensored is part of an extremely small media empire that includes America Uncovered and the China Unscripted podcast. All three shows are produced by America Uncovered LLC, an independently owned company based in New York.

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