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Oct 23, 2022

The Death of China Uncensored?

China Uncensored has been able to reach millions of people thanks to YouTube, but it's also restricted us from reaching many more people because of it censorship. We've seen a lot of our videos age restricted, and that's even worse than being demonetized because it affects how many people see our videos. Because YouTube's algorithm favors videos that get a lot of views, having our videos age restricted means that we go into a death spiral. In this episode of China Uncensored, we talk about why we think we're being age restricted, how we've been able to survive with YouTube constantly censoring us, and what role you can play in making sure China Uncensored doesn't meet an untimely death. Thank you to all our incredible fans who have supported China Uncensored over the past 10 years, we can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us.


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