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December 30th, 2020

10 Biggest China Stories of 2020

The top 10 Biggest China stories of 2020!
10. China punishes Australia—China Australia tension heats up over the coronavirus and trade war.
9. Chinese Communist Party’s subversion gets exposed—US China relations will never be the same!
8. Wall Street Doubles Down—more support for the China economy at the expense of the US economy as the trade deal falls apart.
7. China Threatens Taiwan—the China military harasses Tsai Ing Wen and Taipei as China Taiwan relations hit an all time low. But with Mike Pompeo offering more US support, things are looking better for Taiwan than ever.
6. Massive floods—China floods risk a Three Gorges Dam collapse, and Wuhan has had a very bad
5. The Party is still persecuting people—Uyghur concentration camps, organ harvesting from Falun's bad.
4. Hong Kong becomes China—a national security law ends Hong Kong protests as Carrie Lam becomes dictator. Bad Hong Kong news, especially for Joshua Wong.
3. India China border conflict— China India border fight changes the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific
2. The US calls out the Chinese Communist Party
1. CCP Virus—the coronavirus coverup by the Chinese Communist Party in Wuhan created a pandemic we're still suffering from.


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