Yulin Dog Meat Festival CONTINUES!!!


Yulin Dog Meat Festival CONTINUES!!!

June 26, 2017

Despite government promises of a ban, Yulin’s grotesque dog meat festival continues.


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  1. Shame on China, again. This ancient custom is ridiculous and must stop. Another reason not to visit China. Their animal cruelty is horrific.

  2. GOT TO STOP TRADING WITH CHINA UNTIL THEY STOP TOTURING MAN’S BEST FRIEND AND THEN EATING HIM!! this is disgusting; barbaric and very Chinese who do this because of superstition! They believe dogs are “villans” from a previous life, or criminals etc, so its ok to be cruel to them in this reincarnation!!

  3. Its cruel, its horrible that in the 21 century these people still alive. Cause, they are insane.

  4. Please please someone force a ban on this horrifically cruel and barbaric so called excuse for a festival.
    I still can’t believe such a terrible despicable thing happens, why ? How can these foul people sleep at night they would be hunted down here in the UK, our public would not allow this to happen ever 😭😭😭😠😠😠

  5. Please put a stop to this inhuman practice of cooking dogs alive . This is so horrible..what if they did this to you .

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