Viewer Video Editing Contest!

Viewer Video Editing Contest!

The contest is over. Thank you to all 16 fans who participated!

Winner: Lm Lm for "No Farting"

Runner Up: Ivan Allen for "Red Star Wars"

Runner Up: Red Star Wars

This is the runner up in China Uncensored's October 12, 2017 Viewer Video Contest. Made by Ivan Allen.

Posted by China Uncensored on Monday, October 23, 2017


====== Original Contest Text ======

Use the footage and music below and/or footage from China Uncensored episodes to edit a short video to "celebrate" the 19th Party Congress, the meeting of top Communist Party leaders that starts on October 18. It can be silly, serious, passionate, edgy, suspenseful, romantic, or whatever style you want.

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(Licensing has been cleared for the above footage and music. Do not add your own media, unless you can verify you own the copyright or have written permission to use it.)

Submission Deadline: October 18, 2017

Use email, WeTransfer, DropBox, etc. to send your video to

Winners' submissions will be posted on the China Uncensored Facebook page, and possibly other platforms. We assume you're ok with this, since you're submitting it to us.

Have fun!