The Most Terrifying Way to Cross a Canyon

It is literally a cage attached to a couple of metal cables. That’s the only thing keeping you from falling hundreds of meters to your death. For you Americans, hundreds of meters is a frickin’ long way down.

The villagers seem happy enough. Or maybe that’s just because they made it across.  The Yinggeliu cableway was built over the Jinsha River in 1999. It used to take about a day to travel from the Sichuan Province on one side to the Yunnan Province on the other. So the most logical solution was this.

Now it just takes a few minutes. Though those few minutes are enough for your entire life to flash before your eyes.

But not for much longer! The cableway is being torn down and replaced by a bridge. Though the bridge won’t be ready till next May.

Would you ride this thing? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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