A Pregnant Woman’s Suicide Arouses Conflicting Stories Behind Her Death

On the 5th of September, a 26 year old, pregnant woman jumped from a hospital window in Shaanxi, killing herself and the child she was carrying. The woman, surnamed Ma, was 41 weeks pregnant at the time.

The hospital stated that their doctors had recommended a C-section, since the large size of the fetal head posed a significant risk if delivered naturally. In China, however, a family member must give their consent to grant the operation. Ma’s family insisted on a natural birth, and refused to give permission for a cesarean. The hospital added that the woman had even went out of the maternity ward to plead with her family twice, since the pain was becoming unendurable.

That same day at 8:00pm, Ma jumped to her death.

However, after Ma’s suicide became news, her husband offered a different explanation (link in Chinese) all together. He wrote that he had in fact given permission for the operation twice, but the doctors said that the C-section was not necessary, as the birth would eventually occur naturally.

Later, a spokesperson from the hospital came forward to explain that the husband’s story did not match with evidence (Link in Chinese).He presented the contract that the husband had signed. By signing the contract, it meant that he understood the situation and consequences of not following through with the C-section.

The spokesperson also stated that officials from the hospital checked surveillance footage, finding that Ma was begging on her knees for consent from her family.

The family responded that what the footage showed was not actually Ma pleading for them to give consent, but was in fact because she was kneeling from the pain.

Although there is no solid conclusion regarding what the truth is, netizens and onlookers believe that the hospital is telling the truth and the family is lying in order to save face.

Netizens’ comments pointed out that there would be no reason for the hospital to deny the C-section, which has a higher price tag. Another popular comment contends that the woman would not throw herself out a window if the doctors had denied the C-section. It would rather be because her apparently caring family didn’t understand or allow it.

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  1. I don’t understand what is so bad about a C-section. Why wouldn’t they allow it?

    And furthermore, why does she even need to get their consent? It’s not their body, but hers. It doesn’t make any sense…

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