China’s “One Dog” Policy

Apparently officials in Qingdao City in eastern China feel people have too many dogs.

An unnamed official told Beijing News, “More and more people raising dogs, which has led to some dogs disturbing residents, and even cases of them injuring people.”

Clearly sweeping government regulation is the only solution.

From the country that brought you the One Child Policy—that led to decades of forced abortions and sex selective infanticide—comes a “One Dog” Policy.

Residents in Qingdao from now on will only be allowed to own one dog. If you have more, and they’re all registered, okay, you can keep them. But if they aren’t registered, get rid of the others.


There’s also an outright ban on these 40 large breed dogs.

It’s…a little unclear what officials want you to do if you have one of these banned breeds…

If you think the solution is hot pot, well, the new regulations also place heavy fines on those who abandon, slaughter or mistreat dogs. I assume cooking them falls into one of those categories.

Pet ownership is on the rise in China. So naturally officials will want to get involved in telling people how to be a responsible pet owner. In 2011, Shanghai began their own One Dog Policy.

And in 2015, a district of Shandong province decided they’d had enough of people’s dogs and banned all dogs. Officials even said they’d come into your home and kill them.

I’ll have to add that to my list of reasons why they don’t allow guns in China.


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