The “Amazing” North Korean Air Force

Did you know North Korea has an air force?

Well, they do. They have the best military. True Korea’s army will crush you Imperialist American dogs, EVEN IF THEY HAVE TO RAM MISSILES INTO THE CAPITOL WITH THEIR BARE HANDS!

Not that they need to. They have a great air force.

At one point, up to four aircraft were performing difficult maneuvers in the air.

I’m pretty sure those sparks are supposed to be there…

But all fun aside, and believe me this was loads of fun, just look at how happy they are!

This air force contest was calculated. Tensions have been mounting between North Korea and China. The Chinese regime used to be seen as the only country that could rein in North Korea’s nuclear ambitions (even while supplying North Korea with the components they needed to achieve those nuclear ambitions).

But China is finding it no longer has much sway over its communist little brother.

Two years ago, China cut off jet fuel supplies to North Korea. That would have grounded the North Korean air force, if Russia hadn’t stepped in and provided a supply line.

So this contest is Kim’s way of saying, “We’re doing just fine without you, China.”

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