This 7-Year-Old Is Jacked!!!

One obscenely ripped 7-year-old Chinese boy has gone viral in China. I can only assume because those guns are so sick!

His name is Chen Yi, and he’s been doing one-armed pull ups since the age of two, according to his mom.

He’s already a gymnast champion. In one recent contest, he won 6 gold medals and one silver.

It’s not without a price though. He’s been recruited by a local gymnastics school in Hangzhou, and trains every day, only going home on weekends to see his parents.

Sound extreme? It’s actually common in China.

While the country struggles with the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world…

…other children are hand selected to dedicate their lives training nonstop for the glory of the country.

A young Chinese boy training at a weightlifting school in Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian province. (Photo: AFP/AFP/GettyImages)

The training is brutal.

And the end goal is winning Olympic gold. Those who can’t bring home the gold or wash out often end up destitute, with no money—and no education to fall back on.

For more, check out The Hard Life of a Chinese Athlete:

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