This Plane Was Made in China

Yup, that’s a huge gaping hole in the engine of a China Eastern flight from Sydney. An hour after take off, passengers heard a loud sound and the cabin filled with a burning smell. Turns out, that was a huge chunk of the engine flying off.

Crew felt the best course of action was to fly back to Sydney. I would have gone over survival tips from Lost. I’m sure the Island would want me.

Chinese airlines don’t have a sparkling reputation.  Just a few weeks ago, an Air China flight barely avoided hitting a mountain shortly after take off in Hong Kong.

Earlier this year, another China Eastern flight had to make an emergency stop in Siberia when its engine failed.

And according to Bloomberg, in 2016, 4 of the 10 worst airlines in the world for flight delays were Chinese, with our friends over at China Eastern averaging a 35.8% chance of flight delays.

Still at the end of the day, it’s better than a United flight. Click here to see what happened to this Chinese man on a United Flight earlier this year.


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