Full Episode: July 7, 2017

Full Episode: July 7, 2017


This is China Uncensored’s first half-hour episode! A take on this week in China news, followed by a $1.4 billion arms sales to Taiwan, and then an in-depth look at mysterious Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.

Check back next Friday for the next half-hour episode.

Note that the first segment will be released to YouTube on July 7. The second segment will be on YouTube on July 10, and the third on July 12. So if you want to see the best English-language satire show about China current events based in New York starring Chris Chappell as soon as possible, come back to our website every day.


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  1. Where would Chris be without Shelley? Give Shelly a few minutes out of the half hour. 27 minutes of Chris is too much without a break for the Humor Ninja.

  2. Getting kind of tired of you guys overly reducing Xi to be the good guy. He’s not here to save China or do any of that. In other words: He’s just another Jiang – out to strengthen his grip on power and advance his own self interest. Please think of another way to satire this so called “hidden CCP struggle for dominance”. – like making 2 buffoons fumbling for the same ball… or something… i don’t know, i’m not a humor ninja.
    Good episode though. I like 30 minutes; it has more depth.

  3. I guess I have to be the first who drops a comment. 😉
    Very nice work. I do love the subtitle of the connector ”Disrupting China’s Harmonious Propaganda’ as it really hits the nail on the head.
    I wish the team everything well and a long live and growing viewer numbers.

  4. Mang, I could barely keep up with soap-opera level plot twists. First comment on full episode…hell yeah!

  5. china uncensored, I use Adblock but i whitelisted your page. I hope your revenues increase and your work prospers.

  6. Well done. Chris and Shelley and the rest of the crew sure are a great team. Given the dangers of this regime, you’re very brave and a gift to humanity and compassion. Especially enjoy the way disinformation, hypocrisy and absurdity are emphasized with smart-alec humor 🙂

  7. Man, Chinese knockoff of Agent Smith guy, I love you man, but you gotta fix your player dude.
    Other than that, good show

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