China Has Mobile Execution Vans

How do you become the world’s number 1 executer? Efficiency. (Also a total lack of scruples.)

This is one of China’s many mobile execution vans, for the totalitarian regime that needs to kill on the go.

The exact number of executions that happen in China is a state secret. Amnesty International put the 2016 number at 1,032, more than the rest of the world combined. Though to be fair, that is better than the number from 2002, which was 12,000.

There is no meaningful rule of law in China. Courts are run by the Communist Party. And in recent years, there have been several high profile cases where someone is executed and later proven innocent. FYI, mobile execution vans do not come with an undo button.

Executed prisoners are also a source of organs. This is something the Chinese Communist Party has admitted to.

However, many more people are executed in China than even Amnesty International’s numbers suggest. The Amnesty numbers only focus on people sentenced to execution in court. But it doesn’t factor in the untold numbers of political prisoners, and prisoners of conscience that are killed every year. Many are also killed specifically for their organs, not as punishment for, say, any actual crime.

Researchers believe between 60,000–100,000 organs are harvested every year in China from political prisoners killed for their organs. They are guilty of no crime. Unless you count thoughtcrime. In which case, why are you on the China Uncensored website?

Watch this video to learn more.

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