Dog Worshipping Festival in China

When you hear “dog,” “China,” and “festival,” you might first think of the annual Yulin Dog Meat festival, where about 10,000 dogs are devoured.

But there’s another one that you might not have heard of—the Dog Lifting Festival in Guizhou province.

Every summer in Jianhe county, the Miao ethnic group pays homage to a chosen dog, which sits in a wooden throne that is carried on freshly cut bamboo poles.

The blissful dog is adorned in a velvet cap, tailor-made jacket, and silver medallion. It spends the day being paraded around the village like royalty, as the villagers sling mud at one another, praying for good harvest in the coming year.

Miao legend has it that their ancestors were led to a sacred spring by a dog, where they settled and prospered.

And throughout China, people having been changing their view of man’s best friend. As more people become pet owners, millions of Chinese call for an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

In fact, it turns out the stereotype of Chinese people eating dogs is really more of a myth.


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