Chinese Student Blasted for Commencement Speech

Chinese Student Blasted for Commencement Speech

May 26, 2017

Yang Shuping delivered a graduation speech at the University of Maryland that compared the clean air and free expression of the United States to the smog and suppression of China. And Chinese netizens were furious. Although not for the reasons you might expect.


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  1. Wish I could actually see the video. It was like listening to NPR’s Fresh Air program on the radio. Do you suspect the Chinese government is trying to block it? Or have they managed to hack into my computer by now? I’m I being paranoid? Maybe I should keep my mouth shut while living in China.

  2. If I was a Chinese, I will be hurt. I’ve been through that. I undrrstand how they feel. I hear corrupted politicians, Philippines being Third World, dependent and unable to defend itself but the Chinese students realized that they can reflect through the lacks of their motherland and try to change it instead if poignantly dissing because what’s that going to do?

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