Chinese Police Patrolling Italy?

Ever wish you could escape the watchful eyes of Chinese police? Of course not! Fortunately, now Chinese tourists don’t ever have to feel like they’re away from China under the benevolent watchful eye of the Public Security Bureau.

For the next 20 days 10 Chinese police will be patrolling the touristy parts of Rome, Florence, Naples and Milan.

This isn’t a first either. Last year Chinese police also went on beat in Italy. And don’t worry, this isn’t a last either. According to Xinhua, China’s Ministry of Public Security wants Chinese police on the streets of even more European cities!

Maybe soon they can get Chinese tanks rolling down the streets and make Chinese tourists really feel at home.

The Chinese police in Italy are unarmed and aren’t allowed to arrest anyone. Their primary duties for now seem to be giving directions to Chinese tourists and taking selfies.

But putting your country’s police if foreign lands is a two-way street. In April, Italian police made the rounds on China’s Great Wall.

And in May, they walked down Shanghai’s famous Bund.

Apparently these Chinese police have undergone extensive training in Italian. Presumably “Veni, vidi, vici!”

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