China’s Ban on Reincarnation

China’s Ban on Reincarnation

Apr 17, 2017

The Chinese government has issued a ban on reincarnation! Tibetan monks are forbidden from reincarnating without government permission. Interesting choice considering the Chinese Communist Party is officially atheist. Of course the real reason behind it is so that when the Dalai Lama passes away, the Chinese regime will be able to choose their own Dalai Lama to further lead Tibet and the Tibetan people into subjugation.

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  1. Great video! I can’t say I like this video player though. I prefer this one over the YouTube player but now I can’t put the video on 2X speed. 🙁 Also the progress/settings bar hovers over the closed captions.

  2. Stand up comedy at its best! Chinese government has lost the plot by all means. I feel for the people in the country who are sincere Buddhist practitioners but due to some not so good completing karma have been born under such ridiculous regime. I just pray Tibet will be one day free again and that the contemplative buddhist tradition will flourish again in the high plateau. And thanks for taking the initiative and provoking people to think about such matters of absolute and complete disregard about human rights as it is the case with the people living in Tibet.

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