China-Vatican Dirty Deal?

China-Vatican Dirty Deal?

Feb 13, 2017

The Vatican seeks accommodation with China, but at the expense of Christian lives.

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  1. I am a Catholic. Earlier, we had a religious debate about the Church. I believe in God but not the church systems. A classmate of mine keeps telling the good, religious beliefs had been used for manipulation and I could see the point there. What is the churches purpose now to humanity? I’m a lot confused

    1. You don’t need to be confused, just because you are part of a false system of worship, doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. I’m glad you still have faith in God. Although the Catholic Church came from paganism and mixed with Christianity to become the Roman Catholic Church that is set up by man made traditions and not scripture… it still has some good in it. the worse thing for us is to accept truth mixed with false hoods. True religion is only found in God’s word. forget the Roman Catholic Church and start reading and listen to God’s voice coming directly from the word of God, then you will know which church your heart belongs to.. it will be a church that follows God’s Testimonies and upholds the Law of God.

  2. This type of behaviour from the church is turning a blind eye to evil and refusing their post of responsible accountability. There is no lesser of 2 evils. You deal with evil head on with no deals.
    Shame on the Catholic Church.

  3. Awesome work by CUTV, this issue, along with China’s program of forced sterilizations demands the fullest exposure. Meanwhile a number of medical organizations and institutions are fully aware of these atrocities yet choose silence!

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