China Takes Vengeance on South Korea Over Missile Defense

China Takes Vengeance on South Korea Over Missile Defense

Mar 8. 2017

China is desperate to prevent the US from setting up missile defenses in nearby countries. But North Korean provocation is messing up China's attempts at diplomacy.

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  1. Classic suit! Anyway, China might not succeed. Even if it does censor “Lotte”, it can always build stores anywhere, in Europe, Sweden, Great Britain, except the Philippines because we are still in an economic struggle. China’s technology is, though stronger than the outdated Philippines, isn’t as compatible with China. Also, China may control businesses if they like but never a country’s dignity. It can never take a brutal action against South Korea because if they do, they can ask for neighbouring countries for help or from the Estados Unidos (United States of America) unless Donald Trump will be like “…I love China. I just sold an estate for a million something dollars to a Chinese gentlemen (yep, Chinese are Crazy Rich Asians)

  2. The ad at the end really makes me want to visit the shop and buy a suit even though I almost never wear one. I’m just afraid it will cost a small fortune.

  3. With the entertainment and cultural trade deficit between the two firmly in Seoul’s favour, China is turning the popularity of Korean products into a weapon against South Korea.

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