China Selling GMO Opium Seeds to Afghanistan

Americans are dying from heroin. Thanks, China.

According to this article, 12,989 Americans died of heroin overdoses over the past year. That’s more than the number killed by gun homicides. A significant portion of this heroin comes from opium poppies grown in Afghanistan.

Fortunately for America’s sleaziest drug dealers, Afghanistan’s opium output is growing—thanks in part to genetically engineered opium seeds made in China. And you thought lead toys were bad.

These Chinese opium seeds have been in use in Afghanistan since 2015. That’s according to this article on popular Chinese news site Sina.

According to this 2016 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNOCD), Chinese GMO seeds are allowing poppies to be grown all year around, instead of just half a year. They’ve also shortened the growing cycle from 3 months down to 2 months. This has led to a shocking 43% surge in opium production in 2016.

The Afghan government has revealed that a significant portion of the opium was bound for the US market, often via Canada.

Graphic: Global Trafficking Flows of Opiates

The US government has pledged to spend more than $8 billion to fight drug trafficking in Afghanistan. But that money could be better spent, for example, by supporting subversive comedy news shows that undermine China.

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