China Wants to Put Its Army in Djibouti

China is setting up a military base in the hilariously named African country of Djibouti. And as usual with China’s military action, it’s all about “peace.”

Seriously, they said that. According to Quartz, Professor Li Weijian at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies said, “the facilities in Djibouti serve to protect China’s economic interests in Africa and to help safeguard regional peace.”

He denied that the based would be used to expand China’s military influence in Africa.

China has set up infrastructure or resource-extraction projects in pretty much every African country by now. But it has a special love for Djibouti.

The military base will be located at the Port of Doraleh, near the intersection of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Base Goes Here

The Red Sea (of Moses fame) is a strategic shipping lane. It runs up the northeast part of Africa between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, ending at the Suez Canal, which allows cargo ships to pass through and reach Europe.

China having a military base and other infrastructure in Djibouti is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s plan for global domination by a thousand paper cuts.

The base is only one of China’s numerous multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects in Djibouti. Others include two airports, one regular port, a railway, and a whole bunch of oil and gas pipelines.

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