China is censoring Putin comments

Move over Donald, the world has a new social media president. Instead of calling out reporters and tweeting memes of himself body slamming CNN, Xi has more powerful tools at his disposal to combat the ‘fake news’.

China has somewhat of a penchant for censoring freedom of expression. Some of my favorite phrases banned from the Chinese internet include, “Flash mob”, “constitutional democracy” and of course, “labor strike.” Because nothing expresses love for Communism more than destroying workers rights.

Protestors demonstrate during a day of remembrance for Foxconn workers who committed suicide outside a store selling Apple products in Hong Kong on June 8, 2010. The corporation Foxconn which makes iPhone has offered workers a large pay increase as it tries to deal with a number of suicides at the factory. MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images

The Chinese regime has added ‘Putin’ to the elite crew of censored words on the Chinese Internet. During Xi’s visit to Moscow, Putin awarded Xi with the ‘Order of St. Andrew’ for being a good boy. They signed 30 agreements, including a $10 billion investment fund and an $850 million loan for an innovation fund.

Looks like a thumbs up for Xi then.


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