China Uncensored Campaigns

June 2017

Chinese police illegally arrested Canadian citizen Sun Qian from her home in Beijing for practicing Falun Gong. We published this video about it on June 23, and asked viewers to sign this petition. The petition asks the Canadian Prime Minister to take action to ensure her release. It has received so far more than 10,000 signatures, largely from China Uncensored viewers.

April 2017

Apple TV blocked the China Uncensored app from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan App Stores. On April 4, China Uncensored published a video about the censorship and launched an online petition that received nearly 10,000 signatures calling on Apple to unblock the App in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The issue also garnered significant media attention. By early May, Apple had unblocked the App. Win!

October 2015

The mother-in-law of Chris Chappell’s friend and fellow TV host Ben Hedges is a Chinese citizen living in China. She was detained by Chinese police for filing a legal complaint against former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin. On October 26, China Uncensored published this video giving viewers the phone number of the head of the police station where she was detained. Nearly 100 viewers told us they had called him. She was released four days later, with the police expressing aggravation at getting so many calls. We announced that on October 31. Win!