Bollywood Dominates China

The biggest movie in China right now is the Bollywood film “Dangal.” It’s the most successful non-Hollywood movie in China ever, earning $112.5 million in two weeks.

What makes it so successful?


The main actor, Aamir Khan, is already a huge star in China, thanks to his film “Three Idiots.”

That movie dealt with issues of students facing extreme pressure to get into—and then survive—one of the most prestigious, albeit fictional, universities in the country. Think Chinese millennials can relate?

“Dangal” also deals with social issues very similar to China. It’s based on a real life Indian wrestling champion. When his wife gave birth to only daughters, he figured, “No problem!” and trained two of them to follow in his footsteps of headlocks and flying elbow drops.

India, like China, has a preference for sons, which has lead to a huge gender imbalance in both countries. The atypical story has struck a chord with Chinese audiences.

Here’s the trailer:


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